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Frequently Asked Questions

Are background checks required for adults 18+?

To ensure the safety and security of all participants, we require that individuals aged 18 and over submit a cleared background check when registering for the National Youth Conference. This background check should be completed and submitted through a reputable organization or business of your choice. While last year we used TransUnion's services (accessible at, you are free to utilize any organization that provides comprehensive background checks. Please ensure that the background check is current and includes relevant information to expedite the registration process and ensure your eligibility to attend the conference.

What does it cost? 
Coming soon.

What are the dates and times?
Coming soon.

What about lodging?

Coming soon.

What should you bring?

  • Medical Insurance Card

  • Prescription/Over the Counter Medicine

  • Bible, Notepad, Pen

  • Toiletries, Shower Shoes

  • Light Jacket, Umbrella, Hat

  • Linen (sheets, blanket & towels)

  • Appropriate clothing for each day

  • Athletic Shoes, Casual Shoes, and Dress Shoes

Who can attend the Youth Conference?
Coming soon.

When and how should I register?
Coming soon.

What is the dress code?

The Dress Code for the National Youth Conference is as follows:

  • Modest attire is required at all times. Modest is defined as appropriately fitting, not too tigh or revealing, covering the midriff and cleavage. No undergarments should be exposed. If it questionable, please leave it at home.

  • No shorts except for the off-site activity and Wednesday during the athletic/free time. Shorts should be at or below the fingers when hands are placed to one’s side.

  • Those leading worship and devotions are encouraged to wear either (a) a collared shirt, whether full button or polo-style - or (b) a jacket with an appropriate shirt.

  • Attire for Sunday worship and evening services: polo shirts, button-up shirts or blouses with skirts or pants, dresses, no t-shirts. Skirts and dresses should extend to at or below the fingers when hands are placed to one’s side.

  • While dressy attire is not required during the day sessions, we encourage our youth to dress in a business casual manner. Jeans are permitted. Please refrain from wearing jeans with holes that reveal your skin. No shorts or short sets.

  • Attire for Wednesday evening pageant: Dressy attire. Skirts and dresses should extend to at or below the fingers when hands are placed to one's side.

  • All-Conference Chorus: Those planning to sing in the All-Conference Chorus should bring concert attire. This means solid black dresses or suits for ladies and black slacks with white dress-shirts or black dress-shirts for men.

  • Roll Call attire may be worn on Monday evening for the evening session, as one will immediately follow the other.

  • Because the amusement park contains a water park, swimwear will be allowed at the amusement park with the following provisions:

    • Shorts and shirts must be worn on the transportation to and from the park:

    • Acceptable swim attire for boys/men: knee length swim shorts. Shirts must be worn when not in the water park.

    • Acceptable swim attire for girls/women: one piece suit or tankini. Shirts and shorts/pants must be worn on top of the swim attire when not in the water park.

  • Thinking Through Attire for the Week

    • Saturday - Evening Session

    • Sunday - Worship, Community Service

    • Monday - Day Session, Role Call​

    • Tuesday - Amusement Park, Evening Session

    • Wednesday - Day Session, Pageant

    • Thursday - Activities, AC Chorus & AC Drama

    • Friday - Check Out

Medical Assistance

Although we will have an NYC Medical Team on-hand, in case of emergency situations, Youth Workers are asked to take care of any minor issues with your group. To equip Youth Workers with doing so, each group is asked to bring a small or travel sized first aid kit with them. Youth Workers are asked to check with parents prior to the conference, to ensure you have a grasp on any medications your young people may be taking on a regular basis.

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