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At the core of our service is our common love for nurturing Christian teenagers. The National Youth Conference has always relied on the good will of participating churches, youth leaders, and parents to ensure the students have the best experience possible while attending the annual event. The partnership of everyone is required. The Conference leadership is comprised of dedicated volunteers in good standing with a local congregation in order to serve. The faces have changed since 1952 but the commitment of those planning the event has never wavered. The leadership team is comprised of Directors, Coordinators, and Administration who meet year round to protect the legacy of the Conference and ensure its perpetuity. Other adults provide valuable assistance to the Conference by serving as Teachers, Choral Directors, and Speakers during the event. Many of our current leaders attended the Conference as youth themselves and have accepted the challenge to fulfill the ongoing purpose of the organization. 


Victor Cathey (Texas)

Fate Hagood (California)

Gary Jones, Jr. (Oklahoma)

Lamont Ross (Texas)

Phillip Wade I (Texas)

Coordinators & Organization Staff 

Lee Bryant (Texas)

Shay Wyrick Cathey (Texas)

Barbara Davis (Mississippi)

Joseph Edwards (Michigan)

Vince Ford (Ohio)

Rhonda Graves (California)

Mira Hagood (California)

Earnest Hodridge (Texas)

Ramon Hodridge (Texas)

Terri Mays (Oklahoma)

Audria McClure (Maryland)

Carlina Payne (California)

Stacy Ross (Texas)

Patricia Teamer (Texas)

Pamela Williams (Michigan)

LaShonda Worthey (Texas)

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