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The National Youth Conference of the churches of Christ was founded in 1952 by the late Orum L. Trone Sr. and his lovely "Georgia Peach" wife Christine. At a time when opportunities for Christian fellowship among young people were rare and confined to local areas, the Trones became visionaries who could foresee the future of the church through the eyes of youth. For the last seven decades, youth attending the Conference has been part of the dream the Trones visualized so many years ago. 

We promise that every youth who attends the National Youth Conference will experience spiritually based workshops and well-developed activities designed to strengthen and inspire the whole person. 

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  • To motivate youth to be faithful, loyal, and true to the work of the Church.

  • To guide youth in the right direction that will lead to strong leadership for the cause of Christ.

  • To associate with young people from other geographical areas who share the same interests.

  • To give youth the privilege of self-expression.  

  • To give youth an opportunity to work together, exhibiting their personal worth, abilities, and God-given talents.



Each National Youth Conference includes grade-level workshops, daily devotions, and worship services. Opportunities for prayer, repentance, baptism, and restoration are always available. Other activities are also available for youth to express their individual talents and interests in one of the following ways:

  • Talent Show

  • All Conference Chorus

  • All Conference Drama

  • Athletics

  • Roll Call of States

  • Scrapbook Competition

  • Community service activity 

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